Author: FAU Leipzig

Sexism at your workplace is never okay!

Our counseling on sexism and discrimination at work is still available – but now per email, phone or video conference (whatever works best for you). Don’t hesitate to contact us at

You will find basic information about your rights and possible courses of action in our flyer “Sexism at your workplace is never okay!”, the text of which we publish here.

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Sexual discrimination

Do people at work treat you unfairly or belittle you? Do they bully you or exclude you? If this happens because of your gender or sexual orientation, it‘s called sexual discrimination. There are many forms of sexual discrimination: sometimes open, often subtle, but always firmly rooted in social life, and thus often tolerated. People who experience workplace sexual discrimination often remain silent for fear of attracting attention or because they are ashamed. One in two women has already experienced sexual discrimination at her workplace, according to a report by the International Labor Organization.

The majority of victims of sexual discrimination are women, and homosexuals, nonbinary and transgender people also face discrimination at the workplace. Sexism and sexual discrimination drive a wedge between workers. They prevent a society based on solidarity.

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