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    • I'm a worker. This includes anybody who is employed, unemployed, wage-dependant, (pseudo-)self-employed, in training or retired.

    • I'm not an employer: I do not have the power to hire or fire workers.

    • I do not engage in any activities that conflict with the purpose and goals of FAU (FAU Declaration of Principles, in German).

    • I subscribe to FAU's principles and will act according to its structure and decisions.

    Personal data

    About your job

    Type of employment
    part timefull timeself-employedunemployed

    Place of residence/part of Leipzig

    Union dues

    Union dues amount to 1 % of your regular monthly net income. The minimum amount is 6  Euro per month. Members in financial distress may request exemption from union dues.

    Every member may choose to pay increased union dues.

    Dues are to be paid by standing order (bank transfer) or cash.

    Account details

    Allgemeines Syndikat Leipzig
    IBAN: DE62 8605 5592 1090 1921 81

    I pay my union dues
    monthly by standing order (this is the best way for us)cash (usually at one of the twice-monthly plenary assemblies)

    Following confirmation of the secretary and the first payment of union dues, the membership is considered preliminary until confirmed by the next plenary assembly.

    All data is handled confidentially.

    Note on encryption

    The transmission of any data entered in this form is encrypted between your web browser and the FAU server. The same applies to the transmission between the FAU server and the secretary of our local syndicate.

    Datenschutzerklärung (in German)

    Alternatively, you can fill out a paper version of this form (currently only available in German) and bring it with you to our quarterly full assembly