Trade union advice

Before a labor dispute starts, union counseling is the first port of call that anyone who is unhappy with their working conditions can turn to. Are you or your colleagues paid badly or not at all? Do you struggle to solidify your work contract? Do you experience any harassment or sexual assault? Would you like more participation in decision-making in the company? Regardless of whether it is about these classics or other problems: We are always at your side as best we can. We do not decide how a labor dispute should be conducted for you – but together with you, taking your needs into account. With the help of the consultation, we can impart the necessary tools to get you together with your colleagues in order to achieve improvements together. We can also show you how we can work with you to enforce claims without going to the labor court. This is often not only faster and more fun, but also shows that you don’t always need an external authority to “help”, but that we can achieve something together if we organize ourselves well.

Do I have to be a member of FAU to receive advice?

Even if you are not (yet?) a member of FAU, we offer an initial consultation, usually in the form of a phone call. Everything that can be said about the case without extensive research can be discussed there. If, from our experience, larger steps are necessary, we will describe them to you. You can then decide whether you want to go alone or with us.

Together we are strong!

The FAU is a solidarity association of social struggle and mutual aid, we offer permanent membership and share common goals, which you can find in our declaration of principles. In addition, we all work on a voluntary basis, meaning that nobody in our organisation is paid for their work. All the money goes into infrastructure and the ongoing struggles. We like to lead larger conflicts against the bosses together with you. We are also very successful in this. When we take on the conflicts of new people, we of course also expect them to stand behind us and show their solidarity with membership.

We ask for your understanding that we are currently unable to answer any requests from non-members that go beyond a brief initial assessment of your problem, as we have to use our limited capacities primarily for our members. If you are thinking about a long-term organization at your workplace, you are of course welcome to contact us. Should we have some more capacities for external requests and individual conflicts again, we will inform you on this page.

Trade union advice on request by email:

Mail: beratung.leipzig [at]

Advice on discrimination and sexism in the workplace on request at:

Mail: agfem.leipzig [at]